"What up forknuts?"
— Bad Janet greeting Shawn.

Bad Janet is a character in The Good Place and is played by D'Arcy Carden.

History Edit

Bad Janet is a sentient database for The Bad Place. She was (presumably) created by the 'Eternal Beings' e.g. Michael. Janet is able to instantly appear to anyone's side when they call her name.

Uses Edit

Bad Janet is used primarily as a personal assistant by the Eternal Beings of The Bad Place. Most people summon her by saying 'Bad Janet'. She is able to retrieve/create any object requested for instantly. Janet also doubles as an accessible database, as she reportedly has all the knowledge of the universe.

Personality Edit

Bad Janet by default is rude, offensive and possesses a very antisocial attitude towards others. When asked a question, she usually responds with an insult and no help at all then disappears.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon first meeting, Tahani questions the very point of a Bad Janet.
  • Michael doesn't even know what purpose a Bad Janet is suppose to have.

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