Chapter 14: Everything Is Great! (Part 1) is the first episode of Season 2 of NBC’s The Good Place. It is the fourteenth episode of the series overall and originally aired along with Part 2 as a double-length episode on 20 September, 2017.


Eleanor's, Chidi's, Tahani's, and Jason's memories have been erased, and they start over in the Good Place. Shawn believes Michael's project will fail and Michael will be forced into retirement. Janet gives Eleanor the note she wrote herself, so Eleanor seeks out Chidi. Chidi is forced to choose between two potential soul mates: Angelique, whose company he enjoys, or Pevita, with whom he feels no connection. Just as he chooses Angelique, Michael determines that Pevita is his accurate soul mate, while Angelique is paired with a man named Pedro. Eleanor finds Chidi, but he is distracted by his own situation and is unwilling to help Eleanor. Tahani's new soul mate is Tomas, an environmentalist; she is dissatisfied that he is very short and has unrefined tastes, and that their home is small. Michael plans for Eleanor to get drunk and behave badly at the welcome party, but instead Tahani gets drunk and makes a scene.


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