Chapter 16: Dance Dance Resolution is the 3rd episode of Season 2 of NBC’s The Good Place.


Michael reboots the neighborhood hundreds of times, but Eleanor (and on one occasion Jason) eventually discerns its true nature each time. In the 802nd iteration, Eleanor and Chidi learn of the memory wipes when they discover dissatisfied neighborhood workers (including an undisguised demon) complaining about Michael's version of the Bad Place. Eleanor, Chidi, and Janet take the train to the Medium Place, where Mindy St. Claire reveals that it is Eleanor's sixteenth visit; Eleanor and her companions always return to Michael's neighborhood with a new plan to defeat him. Mindy also reveals that Eleanor and Chidi often form a sexual relationship and once mutually professed their love. In the neighborhood, Vicky and the other actors go on strike. Vicky presents their individual demands, and hers is to take Michael's job; she threatens to reveal the multiple attempts to Shawn. Jason tells Michael about his dance crew being challenged to a dance-off, and instead slashing the other dancers' tires; when Eleanor returns and leads the humans to confront Michael, he asks to form an alliance with them.

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