"Well, it's not the heaven or hell idea that you were raised on. But generally speaking, in the afterlife, there's a Good Place and there's a Bad Place. You're in The Good Place."
— Michael

Chapter 1: Everything is Fine (also known as Pilot) is the first episode of Season 1 on NBC comedy The Good Place.

Synopsis Edit

Eleanor Shellstrop from Phoenix, Arizona is dead and has wound up in the Good Place -- accidentally. She and her soulmate Chidi have to learn how to keep this a secret as she causes mayhem everywhere she goes.

Summary Edit

Eleanor Shellshrop wakes up in an afterlife utopia called "The Good Place," where she is welcomed by her neighborhood architect Michael. Michael tells her she's in the Good Place and explains about it. Eleanor quickly asks if Michael is God in a sense. Jokingly, he responds that he is at a low stage compared to the Ultimate Frog-God. The criteria for entry to The Good Place is based on doing good in the world, and only a very small percentage of people qualify; Michael praises Eleanor for being a lawyer who got innocent people off death row. Michael escorts her to a home designed with all of her preferences in mind, and where she can access memories from her life.

Everyone in the good place has a soul mate; Eleanor's is Chidi, a Senegalese ethics professor. But Eleanor reveals to Chidi that all of Michael's information about her is wrong; the biography, memories, and house are someone else's. Eleanor made a living by knowingly selling a worthless supplement to the sick and elderly and was crass and uncaring. Chidi experiences a moral crisis over whether or not to help Eleanor stay in the good place. Eleanor becomes frustrated and angry at a party hosted by her neighbors, soul mates Tahani and Jianyu.

The next morning, the neighborhood comes under attack by representations of elements from Eleanor's life and her misbehavior since she arrived in the good place. Eleanor and Chidi recognize that she doesn't belong there, and could be sent to the Bad Place. To avoid this, Eleanor asks Chidi to teach her how to be good.



Trivia Edit

  • It is written by series creator Michael Schur and directed by Drew Goddard
  • "Chapter 1" attracted 8.04 Million Viewers.