"Chapter 20: Janet and Michael"
Chapter 20 screenshot 1
Season Two
Season 2, Episode 07
Episode Information
Premiere date: October 26, 2017
Viewers: 3.97 Million
Written by: Kate Gersten
Directed by: Dean Holland
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Chapter 19: The Trolley Problem"
Next Episode: "Chapter 21: Derek"

Chapter 20: Janet and Michael is the seventh episode of Season Two of NBC's The Good Place.


Before beginning his experiment, Michael steals Janet from a warehouse and claims to be a Good Place architect; they build the neighborhood together.

Now, Michael troubleshoots Janet while Vicki is distracted by torturing Chidi with needles. Janet's manual suggests the glitches are caused by falsehoods; Michael blames himself for lying about the neighborhood's nature.

But when a glitch occurs while Janet talks to Tahani and Jason about their relationship, he realizes the problem is Janet's own subconscious lies; she isn't really happy for the couple, because she retains her second incarnation's love for Jason.

Janet advises Michael to activate her self-destruct mechanism; he makes excuses and ultimately refuses because Janet is his friend.

Instead, they solicit Eleanor's advice; Eleanor successfully talks Janet through processing her human emotions.

Acting on Eleanor's recommendation of a rebound relationship, Janet creates a boyfriend, Derek, whose mental state is infantile, excitable and has low concentration.

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