"Tahani might be a little British and condescending at times, but she devoted her entire life to helping other people. She's a good person. Accept that."
— Chidi, to Eleanor

Chapter 3: Tahani Al-Jamil is the third episode of Season 1 of NBC’s The Good Place. It is the third episode of the series overall, and premiered on September 22, 2016.


After a threatening note towards Eleanor, she suspects Tahani and accompanies her around on the day. Meanwhile, Michael helps Chidi finding a hobby.

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Eleanor suspects Tahani of writing the note but ultimately accepts that Tahani is genuinely good and begins to form a real friendship with her, comforting her over her dissatisfaction with Jianyu's vow of silence. Michael tries to get Chidi to take up a hobby, but Chidi only wants to work on his ethics manuscript; after Michael admits that it is terribly written, he agrees to become Chidi's advisor. Janet cycles through a series of bizarre personalities. Michael recruits Eleanor to help investigate the problems in the neighborhood. Jianyu reveals that he wrote the note; he confronts Eleanor, speaking to reveal that he also doesn't belong in The Good Place.

In Eleanor's flashback, her boyfriend Andy makes a conscious effort to be good, but Eleanor concludes that being good is pointless and too much work in a world full of bad things.


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Chidi: Exploring makes me nervous. I have what doctors call "directional insanity". I once got lost on an escalator. So not exactly Christopher Columbus.
Janet: Fun fact! Columbus is in the Bad Place because of all the raping, slave trade, and genocide!

Chidi: I prefer to take my time with things.
Michael: Yes, I know. You never even named your dog, did you? When it ran away, you posted signs saying "responds to long pauses".

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