"When I say I'm meditating, I'm just trying to figure out what the fork is happening. I think we might be in an alien zoo or on a prank show."
— Jason

Chapter 4: Jason Mendoza is the fourth episode of Season One of The Good Place. It is the fourth episode of the series overall, and aired on September 29, 2016.

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Jianyu reveals to Eleanor that he doesn't belong in the Good Place either. He's really an amateur DJ and drug dealer from Jacksonville, Florida, called Jason Mendoza, who went along with Michael's suggestion that he was a Buddhist monk in order to avoid detection. His supposed "prayer room" which Tahani is not allowed to enter is in fact a "bud-hole" with music and computer games.

Eleanor and Chidi try to persuade Jason not to reveal his true identity.

Meanwhile, Tahani is given the task of organising the gala opening of a new restaurant, The Good Plates, at which each diner is served their favorite meal. The opening goes wrong when Michael asks the diners to tell the story of what their meal means to them. Tiring of the masquerade, Jason decides he's going to tell the truth, forcing Eleanor to stop him by creating a diversion. She punches a hole through an elaborate celebration cake, which causes a sink hole to open up in the floor. The restaurant is evacuated and Eleanor and Jason's secrets are safe for the time being; but when Tahani later visits the sinkhole, it turns out to be growing.


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  • First broadcast audience: 4.45million