Chapter 7: The Eternal Shriek is the seventh episode of Season One of NBC’s The Good Place. It is the seventh episode of the series overall, and aired on October 20, 2016.


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  • Original broadcast audience: 3.79 million

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Chidi: There's an old Chinese proverb, "Lies are like tigers. They are bad."
Eleanor: That's it?
Chidi: It's more poetic in Mandarin.

Tahani: By the way, what's your favorite color for the tablecloths?
Michael: Well, it's not perceptible by human eyes. It's called pleurigloss.
Tahani: Could you describe it?
Michael: It's the color of when a soldier comes home from war and sees his dog for the first time.
Tahani: Hmm. [beat] How about blue?