"I'm getting a stomachache. I'm in a perfect utopia, and I'm... I have a stomachache. This is awful. "
— Chidi to Eleanor

Chidi Anagonye is a character on The Good Place and is portrayed by William Jackson Harper.


Chidi was born in Nigeria and raised in Senegal. He is a kind and extremely intelligent guy who always sees the good in people. [1] His indecisiveness is cited to be the reason why he was sent to the Bad Place, his inability to make a decision caused pain and quite literally tortured everyone he loved.>His very existence in the Bad Place was to annoy Eleanor and to get her to 'study' moral ethics but his destiny in Michael`s torture vision was unsuccessful as he actually succeeded in making Eleanor a good person. This is evident when she owns up to being the 'problem' in the 'Good Place'

Trivia Edit

  • Chidi suffers from a condition called "Directional Insanity" and once got lost on an escalator.
  • From his point of view, everyone around him is speaking French because the neighborhood Michael created translates everything into the language each individual person is fluent in. 
  • Despite being a Professor of Moral Philosophy and so in theory the human with the best chance of realising that "The Good Place" is really The Bad Place, in all of Michael's 802 attempts, he is never the one who figures it out.
    Chidi being adorable

    Chidi being really forking adorable.

  • He frequently gets stomachaches when confronted with choices or stressful situations.  
  • He once missed his mother's back surgery because he promised his landlord's nephew that he would help him program his phone on the day of her surgery.  
  • Due to his innability to make simple choices, he made the lives of those around them miserable, earning him a spot in the bad place.  


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