"I'm getting a stomachache. I'm in a perfect utopia, and I'm... I have a stomachache. This is awful. "
— Chidi to Eleanor

Chidi Anagonye is a character on The Good Place and is portrayed by William Jackson Harper.


Chidi was born in Nigeria and raised in Senegal. He was a Professor of Moral Philosophy and worked in several countries, including spells teaching at the Sorbonne in Paris, France (where Tahani was a student, though presumably not on his course) and at St. John's University in Sydney, Australia. He is a kind and extremely intelligent guy. [1] His indecisiveness is cited to be the reason why he was sent to the Bad Place, as his inability to make a decision caused pain and tortured everyone he loved. His very presence in the Bad Place was to annoy Eleanor and to get her to 'study' moral ethics but his destiny in Michael`s torture vision was unsuccessful as he actually succeeded in making Eleanor a good person. This is evident when she owns up to being the 'problem' in the 'Good Place'.

Season One Edit

Chidi is first introduced as Eleanor's soulmate. When he finds out that Eleanor is not supposed to be in the Good Place, he is immediately thrown into a moral dilemma on whether or not he should help her become a better person. At Tahani's party, he asks her to tell him one truly decent action that she did during the time that she was alive. When she can't think of anything, he asks her for something neutral that she did, and when she can't answer that, he asks her what she remembers from the day before she died. During this party, he acts as a caretaker of sorts, trying to keep Eleanor out of trouble. After the party, the two return to Eleanor's house. She asks him if anybody cared that she died, and that she thought more people cared that Chidi died. Chidi then tries to teach her how to say his last name correctly, which Eleanor absolutely butchers, and she says "Ariana Grande" instead of "Anagonye".

The next day, Chidi goes outside and notices that Eleanor has caused the world to erupt in chaos. He then finds her and they head to Eleanor's house again, where he is asked, once again, to help her. They then go to Tahani's house for a neighborhood meeting. After that, Michael announces that the residents of the neighborhood would fly. Then, Tahani steps onto the stage and offers to help clean up the debris in the neighborhood. Chidi, who is sitting next to Eleanor, hears her say that she would rather fly than clean up, and he volunteers both of them for the volunteer work, saying that it is a good way for her to practice being more selfless. Later on, Eleanor causes a trash storm, causing Chidi to think that she is simply too selfish to help, telling her that she is now on her own. Later that night, Chidi catches Eleanor cleaning up the mess she made, and decides to help her because of this.

One day, Tahani comes over to their house and delivers a housewarming gift, a plant. Chidi tries to explain to Eleanor that she should treat Tahani with mutual respect. Then, Michael tries to introduce Chidi to a new hobby, since he essentially only did one thing during his life. These hobbies range from cartography to journalism, and Chidi says that he was not interested in any of these activities. He learns that Michael found his manuscript too convoluting to read, and is greatly disappointed until Eleanor reassures him.

He is later introduced to Jianyu, who he learns is actually a "drug-dealing DJ from Florida", and almost loses his mind. The three of them go to a party to celebrate the opening of a new restaurant called "The Good Plates", and Eleanor and Chidi stress over how to hide the identity of Jason. Eleanor causes a sinkhole to open up.

Eleanor then gets obsessed with Chidi's lessons. She constantly nags him about their "school", and he reveals to her that she is a "full time job", and that he is constantly around her and needs time to do what he wants. Chidi is just about to move out of her house when Michael appears on the TV and announces that no one is permitted to go outside because of the sinkhole. They both stay inside, remaining very aggravated at each other, but then Michael shows up with two other residents, Bart and Nina. In his time alive, Bart worked for a company investigating identity theft, and when Nina was alive, she was a marriage counselor. Chidi and Eleanor don't want to be caught, but then Bart says that Chidi is hiding something. Chidi, although he absolutely despises lying, lies and says that having Eleanor as a soulmate is dissatisfying because he never had a serious relationship on earth.' Later, when Michael says that it is safe to go outside, Eleanor meets him by the lake and gives him some alone time.

Then, Tahani tells Jason that they should go to a spa together. Jason immediately consults Chidi, because he must hide his identity in order to stay in the Good Place. Chidi offers to go with the couple, and he helps Jason by stopping him when he is about to say something that could give him away. Tahani leaves, feeling that Jason doesn't love her. Chidi comforts her.

Michael then announces to the neighborhood that he is the problem and that he must leave them all. When Eleanor finds that Michael would be retired, she was relieved, but Chidi tries to convince her that this is actually a bad thing because she is not being honest. Eleanor then learns what retirement is, and immediately tries to put a stop to it. Being part of this team, he goes with her to murder Janet, since she is the only one who can operate the train that leads outside this neighborhood. They both try to murder Janet, but her begging for her life is so realistic that they can't bear to do it. Then, Jason arrives and goes to the button to press it, but Chidi, unlike Jason, knows that pressing that button would lead to Janet's demise, so he shoves him out of the way, and accidentally murders Janet in the process. Afterward, he is tortured by guilt at what he had done, and Eleanor confesses for him that she is the problem in this neighborhood.

Later, Eleanor is about to be sent to the Bad Place for being a bad person. When the Bad Place train is about to pull out of the station, Chidi immediately goes to Michael to confess to the murder of Janet. They stop the train, taking Eleanor off. But then, they find that there is another Eleanor Shellstrop, the good one. Real Eleanor comes to the neighborhood along with a lot of demons. Michael tries to negotiate with the demons so that he can keep Eleanor. Meanwhile, Real Eleanor and Chidi form a bond, making Eleanor jealous.

Michael and Chidi try to study ethics together to come up with an argument to keep Eleanor. But then, Eleanor confesses that she has fallen in love with him. When she is about to leave the room, Tahani bursts in and says that she loves him as well. Michael then tries to help him choose between Eleanor, Real Eleanor, and Tahani. Chidi then confronts the three women at Jason and Janet's wedding.

Eleanor then tries to earn enough good points to stay in the Good Place. But, nothing is working. Real Eleanor tells Chidi that she loves him, and he doesn't tell her that he loves her back because he is worried that his motivation is corrupt. He then realizes how Eleanor planned to get the points; by doing nice actions, then leaving. This is because she was only doing this to stay in the neighborhood, but she got the points, meaning that she is leaving.

After Eleanor, Jason, and Janet escape to the Medium Place, Chidi, Tahani, Real Eleanor, and Michael plead Eleanor's case to Shawn, the all-knowing judge of the universe. Shawn then says that out of the four, meaning Jason, Tahani, Eleanor, and Chidi, he needs Jason and Eleanor to go to the Bad Place within the deadline he has set, or else Tahani and Chidi would go in their place. When Eleanor and Jason finally arrive, they miss the cutoff. Shawn then becomes annoyed and says that he doesn't care which two go to the Bad Place anymore.

Eleanor figures out that this is actually the Bad Place, and that the four of them were actually torturing each other. Chidi learns that he went to the Bad Place, not because he continued to use almond milk after reading that growing almonds was bad for the environment, but because he tortured everyone in his life with his indecisiveness and his rigidity.

Season Two Edit

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"Principles aren't principles when you pick and choose when you're gonna follow them!"
— Chidi to Eleanor

Chidi being adorable

Chidi being really forking adorable

Trivia Edit

  • Chidi suffers from a condition called "Directional Insanity" and once got lost on an escalator.
  • From his point of view, everyone around him is speaking French because the neighborhood Michael created translates everything into the language each individual person is most comfortable with. He probably doesn't need it to understand the other humans, as he evidently spoke English well enough to teach at English-speaking universities, though communicating with the other neigborhood residents (who may not speak human language at all) may be a different matter. 
  • Despite being a Professor of Moral Philosophy and so in theory the human with the best chance of realising that "The Good Place" is really The Bad Place, in all of Michael's 802 attempts, he is never the one who figures it out.
  • He frequently gets stomachaches when confronted with choices or stressful situations.  
  • He once missed his mother's back surgery because he promised his landlord's nephew that he would help him program his phone on the day of her surgery.  
  • Due to his inability to make simple choices, he made the lives of those around them miserable, earning him a spot in the bad place.  
  • When he went to The Bad Place in "Rhonda, Diana, Jake and Trent", a demon confused Chidi for another demon named Trent. From this point on, this was his alias for the episode.

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