"I'm getting a stomachache. I'm in a perfect utopia, and I'm... I have a stomachache. This is awful. "
— Chidi to Eleanor

Chidi Anagonye is a character on The Good Place and is portrayed by William Jackson Harper.


Chidi was born in Nigeria and raised in Senegal. He is a kind and extremely intelligent guy who always sees the good in people. [1] His indecisiveness is cited to be the reason why he was sent to the Bad Place, his inability to make a decision caused pain and quite literally tortured everyone he loved.>His very existence in the Bad Place was to annoy Eleanor and to get her to 'study' moral ethics but his destiny in Michael`s torture vision was unsuccessful as he actually succeeded in making Eleanor a good person. This is evident when she owns up to being the 'problem' in the 'Good Place'

Trivia Edit

  • Chidi suffers from a condition called "Directional Insanity."
  • He once got lost on an escalator.
  • From his point of view, everyone around him is speaking French because the neighborhood Michael created translates everything into the language each individual person is fluent in.


  1. Deadline: The Good Place

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