• This article is about the character of Derek. For the episode, see Chapter 21: Derek.

"You must be Michael, Janet has made a lot of talk talk into my ear holes about you."
— Derek introducing himself to Michael.

Derek Hofstetler is a character in The Good Place, created by Janet.

History Edit

Derek was created by Janet when Eleanor Shellstrop suggests that she get another boyfriend to forget about her feelings for Jason Mendoza.

As of Chapter 22, he is living with Mindy St. Claire in the medium place as a "willing sex robot". He was a gift from Eleanor alongside 2 duffle bags full of cocaine.

Personality Edit

Similar to Janet, Derek is very cheerful and upbeat, but far more childlike and less intelligent.

Trivia Edit

  • Derek is able to teleport like Janet, but when he does, the beeping sound is much lower in tone.
  • Since he was created by Janet, Derek is also able to operate the train.
  • Derek has no genitals and has wind chimes as a penis.
  • Unlike Janet herself, Derek has a last name (Hofstetler) presumably given to him by Janet. The reason for this is never made clear.