Doug Forcett was a stoner in Calgary during the 1970s. The picture is a picture of actor/writer Noah Garfinkel, a friend and colleague of The Good Place writer/producer Joe Mande.

History Edit

During a mushroom trip, he described to his friend Randy the nature of the afterlife to a surprising degree of accuracy — getting it "92% correct", according to Michael. As a result, he is a celebrity throughout the universe (or at least in the neighborhood setting of the show), and a portrait of him hangs in Michael's office.

Trivia Edit

  • Regarding whether the story of Doug is real: "It is canon in our writers’ room, at this moment in time — subject to change — yes, Doug Forcett exists and that story is real."
  • Doug's age is unknown but assuming he is real, Doug had the appearance of a male in his mid to late 20's which would put his age in modern day around 70.