Eleanor Shellstrop is the main protagonist in The Good Place and is played by Kristen Bell.


Chapter 2: Edit

Eleanor Shellstrop is now dead. Michael tells her that she was killed when she was hit by a tractor carrying a billboard for erectile dysfunction pills and that she's in The Good Place. But she then comes to realize she's not supposed to be there. She was mistaken for a lawyer who fought against the death penalty. In real life, she was a drug sales associate/drunkard. She is introduced to Chidi Anagonye, an ethics professor and her soulmate. And during the neighborhood party, she calls Tahani a cartoon giraffe and stuffs shrimp up her bra. Afterwards, the good place turns chaotic.


  • Her favorite TV show is "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"
  • On multiple occasions Eleanor shows some attraction to Tahani, so it is implied that Eleanor is Bisexual.
  • Her favorite book is Kendall Jenner's Instagram feed


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