Eleanor Shellstrop is the main protagonist in The Good Place and is played by Kristen Bell. Prior to dying, Eleanor was not a good person. She insulted people, betrayed her friends, and held up lines just to spite the people behind her. So when she ended up in The Good Place, she knew something was up, but she was going to everything in her power to stay there.


Eleanor Shellstrop was born in Phoenix, Arizona as an only child. She moved to Tempe, Arizona for school, and by the time of her death, she had moved back to Phoenix, Arizona. Eleanor enjoys cursing and is constantly being censored.

Season 1 Edit

Eleanor dies but when she reawakens in The Good Place, she has no memory of her death. Michael, the creator of her neighborhood, tells her that individuals with embarrassing or humiliating deaths have their memory wiped for their convenience. With her permission, Michael tells Eleanor that she was killed when she was hit by a tractor carrying a billboard for erectile dysfunction pills, and that one of the first EMTs to arrive at the scene was one of her ex's. Michael tells Eleanor not to worry anymore and that she's in The Good Place for her countless selfless acts she did to benefit not herself but the world. Michael pulls up a video showing her memories on the times she worked as a lawyer who fought against the death penalty and did human rights missions to the Ukraine. Eleanor then comes to realize she's not supposed to be there. Those weren't her memories. In real life, she was a drug sales associate who took advantage of the sick and elderly.

She is introduced to Chidi Anagonye, an ethics professor, and her soulmate. Eleanor is quick to inform him that she's a mistake and needs his help to teach her to be good so she can remain in The Good Place. However, that turns to be more difficult than expected when during the neighborhood party, she calls Tahani a cartoon giraffe and stuffs shrimp up her bra. Afterwards, The Good Place turns chaotic with physical manifestations of her rude behavior wrecking havoc. Faced with the reality of The Bad Place, Eleanor earnestly tries to become a "good person" to stay in The Good Place. Although she believes eventually she will be found out she plots to keep the con going as long as possible. All the chaos is a result of the negative energy she puts out into existence in The Good Place. Eleanor also finds it difficult to believe that some are genuinely good people that do not have a hidden agenda.

Chidi attempts to help Eleanor along, volunteering her for selfless acts, but Eleanor finds it hard to keep on track and can't help but find the negative in everything. These sort of thoughts and actions lead to more disastrous consequences for the neighborhood. For example, Eleanor skirts clean up duty for flying and trash begins to rain from the sky. This prompts Eleanor to "clean-up" her act and seriously focus on being good.

However, her secret isn't a secret for long as Eleanor then receives an anonymous letter stating that they know Eleanor doesn't belong here. At first, Eleanor believes that Tahani was sending her that threatening letter, but after shadowing her neighbor for a while, Eleanor then believes that the letters are actually a subconscious guilt-trip made by her own mind. This view changes when Eleanor receives another message from anonymous saying to meet them in the town square. Spoiler alert, the sender was actually Tahani's self-mute soulmate, Jianyu, whose real name is Jason Mendoza. Like Eleanor, Jason was a mistake. He was a drug-dealing, EDM DJ from Florida who likes to play video games. He was not a Buddhist monk who took a vow of silence since the age of 8. Together, Eleanor and Jason attempt to stay in The Good Place but that proves more and more difficult as Jason isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Despite this, they both begin attending Chidi's classes on ethics and the study of being a good person in an attempt to belong. Jason wants to be himself, but Eleanor recognizes that if Jason is his true self, then they're going to be discovered fast. In an attempt to avoid being caught, Eleanor executes a plan of diversion which involved destroying a cake that her fellow neighbor spent 3 days working on. Michael tells them earlier that people spend their time in The Good Place fulfilling their life's purpose. For her neighbor, her life's purpose was to open her restaurant. When Eleanor destroys the cake, this has an insurmountable effect as she ends up literally "breaking the world". This creates a sinkhole in the middle of the restaurant, which Michael believes will fix itself after 3 days. However, Tahani discovers that the sinkhole is actually becoming larger, to her shock.

Chidi's teaching seem to help as Eleanor begins to notice that she's subconsciously doing good things, a trait she didn't have when she was alive, to the surprise of Chidi who considers it a common curtesy. Eleanor is excited to become a good person and is willing to spend hours of Chidi's time dedicated to learning ethics, which ends up tiring him. Eleanor recognizes her friend's discomfort and attempts to talk it out with him, another subconscious good deed.


  • Her favorite TV show is "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"
  • Her favorite "book" is Kendall Jenner's Instagram feed
  • She died after being run over by a boner pill truck after dropping margarita mix in a parking lot.


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