This article is about the character Jason Mendoza. For the episode of that title, see Chapter 4: Jason Mendoza.

"Yo, you should listen to me, I came up with hundreds of plans in my life and only one of them got me killed."
— Jason to Eleanor

Jason Mendoza is a character in The Good Place and is played by Manny Jacinto.


Jason Mendoza was formerly an amateur EDM DJ who earned money by selling fake drugs to college students. He is an avid video game player and snack lover. In Tahani's home, he resides inside his "Bud-hole" or personal hide out. He and Eleanor get along since both of them are frauds. His was mistaken for a monk named Jianyu-Li, the accident occurring when Jason died at the exact moment Jianyu entered into a deep meditative state where he was accidentally registered as dead. Jason shares the same IQ as Jianyu, who left school at 7 years old to become a Buddhist monk and observe a vow of silence.

He died by suffocating in a safe during a botched robbery with his best friend Pillboi.

Trivia Edit

  • Jason's DJ name was Mr. Music the DJ.
  • Jason is a big fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars Amercian football team. He yells "Bortles!" (as in Blake Bortles, the team's star quarterback) before throwing Molotov cocktails.