"Honestly? I don't really think about you."
— Kamilah to Tahani right before her death.

Kamilah is a character in The Good Place, played by Rebecca Hazlewood.

History Edit

Kamilah is the younger sister of Tahani Al-Jamil. She was born in Pakistan and was raised in high society England. She is very well educated and an exceptionally high achiever. Due to her many achievements throughout her life and constant praise from her mother and father, Kamilah greatly overshadowed her older sister, which caused Tahani to resent her. It is heavily implied that Kamilah has no love for her older sister.

Right before Tahani's death, Kamilah was at a party celebrating her induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, to which she didn't invite her sister Tahani. Just moments before Tahani died, Kamilah freely admits that she doesn't think about Tahani at all.

Trivia Edit

 *   Kamilah is the younger of the two sisters, showing

      Even more greatness over Tahani

  • Some of Kamilah's achievements include:
    • The youngest person to graduate from Oxford University.
    • World class painter.
    • Social activist.
    • Iconoclast.
    • Olympic gold medalist in archery.
    • Grammy award winner for her album.
    • BAFTA award winner for her documentary about her Grammy award winning album.
    • Voted "Most likely to be Banksy."
    • Was offered to be the cover girl for International Sophisticate Magazine.
    • Youngest person ever to be inducted into the Rock & Rock Hall of Fame.