Season 2
The Good Place Season Two

September 28, 2017 -

Season OneSeason Two

Season Two is the second season of the comedy television series The Good Place. It has been confirmed to have 13 episodes and will start airing in the United States from September 20, 2017, onwards with a 1-hour premiere. It will return to it's usual Thursday timeslot on September 28, 2017, with the season likely ending in Early 2018.

According to series creator Schur, the episodes are referred to as "Chapters".


Main CastEdit


  1. Chapter 14: Everything Is Great! (Part 1)
  2. Chapter 15: Everything Is Great! (Part 2)
  3. Chapter 16: Dance Dance Resolution
  4. Chapter 17: Team Cockroach
  5. Chapter 18: Existential Crisis
  6. Chapter 19: The Trolley Problem
  7. Chapter 20: Janet and Michael
  8. Chapter 21: Derek
  9. Chapter 22: Leap to Faith

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