"We've tried this. Humans are very reticent to torture each other. Even getting them to do simple things like pulling out each other's teeth is like... I can't think of the right analogy. "
—Shawn to Michael

Shawn is an Immortal Being who is Michael's superior in The Bad Place.

History Edit

Shawn first appeared when he was called to Neighborhood 12358W to judge on whether Eleanor and Jason should be banished to The Bad Place. He introduced himself as “The Almighty Judge on High of All Beings Living and Dead for All Eternity”. He is depicted as wholly emotionless and would encase himself in a cocoon upon hearing human emotion to as to preserve his impartiality.

After Eleanor realised the true nature of her neighbourhood, this judge character is shown to be a sham intended to preserve the illusion of "The Good Place". He is instead the direct superior to Michael in the Bad Place's bureaucracy with a similar interest in torturing humans. His name however is Shawn, and the stern and humourless personality of his judge character closely matches that of his real self.

When Michael was pitching his new neighborhood idea, Shawn was one of the Immortal Beings deciding whether or not they would allow it. He stated that they had in fact tried getting humans to torture each before but found it very difficult. Nevertheless he agreed to allow Michael to try and even played along in his first run attempt. After the first attempt failed he allowed Michael to try again but if he failed Michael wouldn't get a third attempt and would face retirement.

For a long time, Shawn was unaware that Michael had rebooted his neighborhood over 800 times, believing from Michael's falsified reports that the second run was an enormous success.

Eventually, Michael's false reports lead to both Shawn and Michael getting promotions, whereupon the original neighborhood is wound up.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Cocoon encasement: Shawn at will is able to encase himself or others in a green slime covered cocoon which even other Immortal Beings like Vicky cannot escape.

Being an Immortal Being same as Michael only in a higher position of authority, it is very likely that Shawn has all the same powers that Michael possesses with the exception that he most likely cannot alter in any way, a Bad Place neighborhood that he himself did not have a hand in creating.

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