The Good Place is another realm where the truly good people of Earth go when they die and enter their next stage of existence.

History Edit

The Good Place has likely existed since the beginning of time (at the very least since humans existed) and is a utopian paradise for those that were truly noble and good in life.

Entry Edit

Gaining access into The Good Place isn't easy, according to Michael from the moment of birth every action and decision that a human makes either had a positive or negative effect, thus affecting that human's overall point score total. The bigger the action the bigger the point difference but their is a catch. Simply doing good goods is not enough to raise a humans point total, their motivations must be pure otherwise it is seen as a selfish act. Tahani is a good example of this. Despite the fact that in her lifetime she raised 6 billion euros for non-profit organizations around the world, she didn't care about the people she was helping and only did it for fame, praise and moral superiority. Since her motivations were corrupt Tahani was sent to The Bad Place.

Only humans with an exceptionally high score value are allowed into The Good Place. The lowest score seen to be allowed into The Good Place was roughly +900,000.

Inhabitants Edit

Only humans and Janets reside in Good Place neighborhoods. It is likely that the neighborhood's architect and other angels may come and go as they please but according to Michael, after the the first day of orientation, the angels leave and humans are left alone with their Janet.

Everyday life Edit

Each day in The Good Place is a blissful existence where a human may have anything they desire simple by calling on their neighborhood's Janet. Humans in The Good Place also never experience any kind of pain, do not age and cannot die.

Trivia Edit

  • The Good Place has yet to be seen in any form.

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