"Welcome to eternal mediocre. Welcome to The Medium Place."
— Beadie

The Medium Place is a newly created realm of existence specially for Mindy St. Claire.

History Edit

The Medium Place has at most only been around for the last 30 years, when Mindy St. Claire died both The Good Place and The Bad Place argued for an unknown period of time over who should get her. Eventually they came to a compromise and a created a new neighborhood of mediocre existence for Mindy to live in by herself for the rest of eternity.

Inhabitants Edit

Mindy St. Claire is the only person that resides in The Medium Place. It is unknown if there is a Janet that also lives in the Medium Place but as Mindy had not spoken to anyone since Eleanor, Jason and Janet arrived it is unlikely.

If a Janet does exist, Mindy was never told about Janet or how to summon her.

Life in the Medium Place Edit

The Medium place was created to be neither comfortable nor painful for Mindy. It has the appearance of a single beige house with one small garden in the middle of a barren plain resembling that of the great plains in America or the Australian outback. When Mindy was first admitted to the Medium Place she gave The Good Place a list of the things she wanted and the Bad place made a few modification to the list such as they gave Mindy her favorite beer but it is always warm, on her jukebox it has every song ever but only by the Eagles (live versions only) as well as spoken word poetry by William Shatner which Trevor describes as deeply terrible.

It is unknown if the Medium Place has it's own Janet but as the Janet from The Good Place doesn't have access to any of her normal abilities it is highly unlikely.

Triva Edit

  • Is the first and only one of it's kind.

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