Trevor is an Immortal being that resides in The Bad Place.

History Edit

Trevor is an Immortal Being that resides in The Bad Place and is one of its torturers. He was recruited by Michael as an actor (playing himself mostly) in his "Good Place neighborhood" as a demon who threatened to take Eleanor to the Bad Place.

Trevor returns in Season 3, when the 4 humans were on Earth as a human who almost gets run over by a train. He joined the support group and annoyed every member to try to drive them apart but before it could work completely Judge Gen flung him into a Void surrounding the Door when she caught him, Michael, and Janet interfering in human affairs.


Trevor is consistently rude and is known to take sadistic pleasure in torturing those sent to The Bad Place. He actively seeks ways to be impolite and/or make others uncomfortable.

He is an aggressive, vicious entity who actively seeks to tempt others into getting themselves condemned to The Bad Place. He is easily one of the most savage entities in the show thus far.

Trivia Edit

  • He was The Bad Place representative on Mindy St. Claire's orientation video in The Medium Place.