Vicky is an immortal being that resides in the The Bad Place.

History Edit

Vicky is an immortal being and a torturer for the Bad Place until she was recruited by Michael as an actor in his "Good Place" neighborhood where her first job was pretending to be the "Real" Eleanor Shellstrop.

After Michael rebooted his neighborhood Vicky was very displeased with her new role as Denise and wanted a larger part in Michael's plan. After being rebooted over 800 times Vicky came to Michael with a list of demands from her and the other 317 demons. Vicky blackmailed Michael into giving her control of the neighborhood where she now assumes control and a much larger role in torturing Eleanor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani.

Trivia Edit

  • Michael describes her as a Millennial, meaning someone who has only been torturing humans for 1000 years.

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